The Miller's (and Francine)
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Pet Portraits Are Back!

Oh. My. Goodness.  All I can say after this session is: I need more poodle in my life!! I love love love when clients bring their pets with them for family photos!  Traci & her family had originally chosen Martin Nature Park for their location, but we found out they do not allow pets in the park.  They actually opted to change their location because they felt like Francine, their poodle, needed to be in the photos with them!This was my first time seeing a standard sized poodle in person.  They are beautiful! And dainty.  Each time we moved to a new spot, Francine would tip toe very ladylike.  I laughed because all I could picture was my huge clumsy mastiff ...

Anna & Ben
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Pet Portraits Are Back!

This is the second year I have photographed Anna & Ben. It's amazing how much kids grow in one year!I had a hard time picking out my favorites from this session! 

Scott & Vicki's Wedding
Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scott & Vicki had a beautiful backyard wedding last month.  It was filled with happy tears, laughter, and lots of dancing.  Such a great couple- congrats Scott & Vicki!

The Pup Posers
Sunday, November 08, 2015
Pet Portraits Are Back!

A few weeks ago, I photographed dozens of dogs to raise donations for the OKC Animal Shelter.  The event was a huge success!  Thank you to everyone who participated and brought donations.  Several people even brought extra donations and goodies, such as dog treats and toys.  I wish I had a hidden camera at the location that day, I laughed so much at the huge dogs that considered themselves tiny lap dogs, and the teeny tiny dogs that had more spunk than kids!Here are some photos of the amazing models that day!

Thank you for the donations!!
Saturday, October 24, 2015
Pet Portraits Are Back!

Wow!! There was such a great turnout for today's pet portraits in Mustang!  Thank you so much to everyone who came and donated cat litter, cat food, and dog food!  I had so much fun meeting your fur babies and getting to know everyone.The OKC Animal Welfare will be so excited to see these donations dropped off next week!!